Every participant, every time. Results delivered to your cell phone, the web, and touch screen results kiosks instantly upon crossing the finish line. Race directors, want to know your age group winners while the race is still going on? No problem, age group and divisional awards are delivered directly to an iPad.

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Particularly important for organizations who do not currently have payment processing systems, Race Penguin has partnered with registration services who provide highly customizable registration and credit card processing. Registration is also a great opportunity to learn more about your participants and is an important part of your overall event plan.

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Having partnered with some of the best fundraising minds around, Race Penguin builds races tailored to your fundraising objectives. When and how to ask are very important. We have implemented several unique processes that facilitate participants’ charitable donations. We recognize that the easier you make it for participants to give, the more likely they are to do so.



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Every event working with RacePenguin is given a fully customizeable website. Not familiar with web design? No worries, we build it for you.


Course design matters. Race Penguin’s focus is on growing races consistently year after year. An excellent experience is important and course design is a key factor in participants overall satisfaction. Permitting can be tricky to navigate. We are here to help.


Bib packets and race bags are a great sponsorship opportunity for other organizations who support your cause. This is also a great opportunity to market yourself, your mission, and any other events you might be planning. Awards are similar in that even a basic heartfelt award will set your event apart from others.

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Every race is an opportunity to cater to the competitive runner. Along with good course design and efficient service, racers expect to receive relative results quickly. We make sure they know their time and rank within moments of finishing and post sort-able results to the web within minutes of the conclusion of the event.

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As part of our complete sponsorship services, we provide a customized start/finish line for each race that prominently displays the branding of your top sponsors. We partner with several entertainment companies to produce an exciting and engaging atmosphere with music and PA capabilities.

The sensation of clear communication between the race director and participants is key to participant satisfaction. We do the heavy lifting for you.

  • Pre & Post Race Email’s containing race details
  • Customer service support
  • Blast email capabilities for sponsor deliverable and marketing opportunities

As a partner in managing your race, RacePenguin gladly assists with all of your needs.

Race organizers need someone who allows them the freedom to communicate their mission while hosting an event that reflects positively on their charitable brand and the quality of their work in the community. The most invested runners, who will return to your race year after year and help in growing the event through word-of-mouth recommendations, have come to expect high-quality, highly-efficient processes that make the day simple and fun.

We are here to partner with our experts every step of the way. From the first online credit card sign-up until the last banner is taken down off the finish line, RacePenguin is committed to helping guide your organization to a more enjoyable, less stressful and more profitable charity race.

We are here to serve as an invested partner and help make the community even more proud of what you do.

Working with RacePenguin

In a word, Easy. We understand the complexity of hosting an event. We have created a platform that allows your race to enjoy truly exceptional technology, services, and participant experience. Live results, a seamless participant experience, and a staff of dedicated people working to make sure that your event is flawless. The process goes something like this:

  1. Give us a call or send an email telling us about your event.
  2. We meet, talk on the phone, skype, etc. to go over your event plan and needs.
  3. Develop a plan for marketing and executing a great event.
  4. Put on a great Race!

Whether you are a veteran Race Director or planning your first event, there is no better partner than the team at RacePenguin.

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